Thank you for your interest in On the Table! We’ve included answers to the most common questions below. If you have additional questions, please email us at

It’s pretty simple. You invite 4-10 of your friends, family members, neighbors, or colleagues to meet virtually or in-person following social distance guidelines during the week of October 4, 2020.

You can have the conversation during any time of day and discussion guides are included on our resource page.

Following your conversation, you invite your participants to take a short survey that will help us collect information about your conversation.

Central Carolina Community Foundation is committed to the health, safety and well-being of everyone in the communities we serve. We’ve developed guidelines to serve as a resource for On the Table hosts on how to facilitate meaningful conversations while keeping everyone safe.

We strongly recommend groups meet virtually to allow for the utmost safety in our community. However, we understand that many community members have great ideas on how to strengthen our communities but may not have ready or reliable access to technology. Please follow these On the Table Safety Guidelines if you are planning an in-person conversation.

Simply register to host using our online form. If you do not yet have all the details finalized, fill out as best you can and send us an update when you have the details.

The guest list is up to you. If you’re unsure, start with people you know — friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors. You may consider reaching out to a larger community by co-hosting your event with a local church or nonprofit. Consider asking your guests to invite a friend or invite people from your network who don’t already know one another.

Four to ten guests per table is ideal. On the Table is about giving everyone a chance to speak and be heard. If you want to host a larger gathering, consider breaking into smaller groups and allowing time for each group to discuss and report out to the larger group. Many virtual platforms have a breakout room feature.

  • Host a conversation between October 4 through October 10, 2020. Most conversations will last approximately 60 to 90 minutes.
  • Invite 4 to 10 guests. Gather virtually or in-person following our On the Table Safety Guidelines.
  • View the online training that will be posted on our resources page at the beginning of September.
  • Record the names and emails of each guest so we can send them a link to the survey. You can submit the names on this website following your conversation.
  • Complete a post-event survey and ask your guests to do so as well. This is a crucial part of On the Table as the survey allows us to collect the creative ideas and actionable plans discussed during the event.

Before October 4, make plans for a virtual or safe in-person conversation following the On the Table Safety Guidelines. This may mean selecting a platform and ensuring each of your participants can join the conversation. If holding an in-person conversation, ensure you are following our safety guidelines. You may need to reserve a location in advance and check the rules of the location.

You should also communicate to guests if you will provide individually wrapped food or if they will be purchasing their own food or bringing their own individual meal.

Food, travel, supplies, and other items purchased for the event are the responsibility of the hosts and guests. This is not a tax-deductible event for hosts or guests.

A private table means you will invite specific guests to your table and it will not be listed on our website. A public table is open to anyone to attend and will be listed on our website. Hosts who register a public table will be sent an email after they register with instructions on how to list their conversation.

  1. Submit your guest information here. Provide the names and email addresses for your guests so we can send them a link to the survey. Or, email an Excel spreadsheet to
  2. Share your stories. We encourage all participants to share insights, photos and videos on social media using #OnTheTableCola, submitting their stories, or emailing us at
  3. Complete a short survey. Be part of the community report. Share your experiences, thoughts and ideas that arose from these conversations. We want to hear from every voice!
  4. Look for the Community Report. The Community Foundation will share a community report highlighting the ideas, conversations, themes and outcomes that emerge from On the Table. This data will inform efforts to improve our community in the months ahead.