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Host FAQs can be viewed here.

On the Table is a one-day opportunity to gather over mealtime conversations to build personal connections and explore how we can work together to make our communities stronger.

During the week of October 4, 2020, residents of Richland and Lexington Counties will come together to share ideas for improving our region. You are invited to gather with your family, neighbors, colleagues, and friends to pull up a chair, share a meal, and discuss the ways in which we — as individuals and as a collective — can, and do, work to make our communities stronger.

By participating in On the Table, you’ll be part of an exciting initiative to discuss not only what’s great about our community, but also ways to make it even better — more generous, vibrant, and engaged. You’ll be part of shaping the future of our community.

At Central Carolina Community Foundation, we know that big ideas can spring from small conversations and that people invest in what they help create. On the Table conversations are meant to bring a diversity of voices to the discussions of who we are, our vision for the community, and what we can do to get there. What issues and opportunities should we address? And, what actions can we take together to make our communities better places for all residents?

The initiative aims to better connect people to each other and make all voices heard. Many cities across the nation, including Chicago, the founding city, have seen the initiative inspire a number of community improvements. We know that our future depends on us coming together as one community and hope you will join us!

We’re currently recruiting hosts and participants from across Richland and Lexington Counties. Visit our registration page to sign up!

Central Carolina Community Foundation is committed to the health, safety and well-being of everyone in the communities we serve. We’ve developed guidelines to serve as a resource for On the Table hosts on how to facilitate meaningful conversations while keeping everyone safe.

We strongly recommend groups meet virtually to allow for the utmost safety in our community. However, we understand that many community members have great ideas on how to strengthen our communities but may not have ready or reliable access to technology. Please follow these guidelines if you are planning an in-person conversation.

On the Table launched in 2018. Since that year, thousands of voices in our community have been heard. The conversations and insights from the post-event surveys have influenced community leaders making decisions about our community, inspired community members to take action, connected individuals with new people, and sparked conversations that have continued throughout the year.

To learn more about the impact of On the Table, view our survey results or read stories on our blog.